About Us

Health for development initiative (HEFOD) is a community based registered organisation that was founded in 2020. It is an affiliate to JUKAN health solutions ltd, supporting ministry of health to alleviate morbidity and mortality in the areas of sexual Reproductive maternal and child health through advocacy, service delivery and social marketing.


A healthier and socio economic transformed Community where every individual matters.


Improve universal access to quality health care, mainstream gender equality, address climate and environmental challenges within communities of the urban poor, young persons, rural and the voiceless through Advocacy and service delivery.


  1. Obstetric and perinatal care
  2. Increase access to sexual reproductive maternal and child health services among urban poor and underserved.
  3. Increase participation of women and underprivileged populations in the labour market.
  4. Technology enhancement to address sexual reproductive health needs.
  5. Prepare communities to respond to environmental hazards challenges.
  6. Practical interventions to address infectious diseases